Welcome to the Big Leagues

And so begins a foray into the world of having a legitimate website. One night after learned that Tim McLelland obviously has some not-so-subliminal issues with Eric Bedard and the strike zone he deserves, Lansdowne Daily is born. For anyone who has read anything of mine in the past, welcome, and I sincerely hope you like hearing about baseball. For those newcomers who took time to pry their nose away from a Bill James fielding bible, don’t expect to see overtures about UZR, VORP, or really any other Sabermetric porn here. To be honest, handling operations above addition and (limited) subtraction makes me sweat.

With that said, baseball is convenient in that it lends itself to painfully excruciating analysis on a daily basis. While I might often replace “analysis” with “baseless hyperbole” with alarming frequency, at the very least the abundance of activity from Spring Training through the end of October will keep it fresh.

The overwhelming majority of the topics presented here will relate to and focus primarily on the Boston Red Sox, as domain name itself implies. Other teams and events around the league won’t be eschewed completely, but if you’re here looking for some nitty gritty about the Northwest Arkansas Naturals, a Royals minor league affiliate, you’re plain in the wrong place.

Additionally, if you’re looking for in-depth information on the Northwest Arkansas Naturals and you’re not blood-related to a player on that team, you have a serious mental condition requiring immediate medical attention.

In addition to the be-all and end-all of sports news that is ESPN.com, I’ll make use of and reference to a number of other baseball resources which you should all follow as well. MLBTradeRumors.com has become a source where occasionally players themselves learn they’ve been dealt, and Tim Dierkes has amassed quite possibly the most cohesive baseball resource on the internet. Cot’s Baseball Contracts (http://mlbcontracts.blogspot.com/) is where I’ll by citing most of my contractual tidbits from, as I discuss both existing albatross deals (Vernon Wells) and incorrectly hypothesize about extensions for superstars on the rise. BaseballReference.com makes an appearance as well, because making exactly sure what Tim Nearing’s career OPS was — .785 — is clearly vitally important.

That’s all for the time being; it’s been too hectic a day to say a whole lot more. I’m going to try to work out how to link up Facebook and Twitter and whatever else helps get the word out in the near future, but feel free to spread the Good Word. Also, if you or someone you know feels like helping make this look more original, rather than a stock theme I clicked ‘apply’ on, feel free.


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